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Jan 2011 – TaxACT Online 2010 Final Versions Release

Jan 2011 – TaxACT Online 2010 State Editions Start Releasing

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"I have used TaxACT Online for the past 3 years & find it extremely fast & easy. I can even fill everything in before getting my W-2 & store my information until I'm ready for it. It doesn't get any easier than that!"

Cyndi S., Largo, FL

"It was fast and easy, and I will recommend TaxACT Online to everyone I know filing a tax return."

—Michelle R., Houston, TX

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TaxACT Standard is absolutely FREE, without cost, risk, or obligation of any kind. It's free to prepare, print, and e-file your 2010 federal taxes due in April 2011.

That's right. TaxACT allows everyone to prepare and e-file their federal taxes for nothing. Put TaxACT 2010 to the test today! You're just seconds away from seeing for yourself how TaxACT can make your life easier.

As you'll quickly discover, TaxACT:

  • Includes all the forms and schedules most taxpayers need to complete their return. Unlike other free products, TaxACT Standard includes schedules for itemized deductions, EIC, interest and dividend income, business income, and much more.
  • Automatically calculates your return as you enter information.
  • Double-checks your return and alerts you to potential problems, missing data, and many tax-saving opportunities. Get all of the deductions you deserve without having to pay extra, TaxACT's deduction analyzer is included!
  • Guarantees the accuracy of the calculations – If you are assessed penalty due to a calculation error in TaxACT Standard, we'll pay the penalty and interest for you.
  • Prints IRS-approved tax forms on plain paper so you can file by mail.
  • Electronically files your return for a faster refund. TaxACT users typically get their refund in as few as 8 days after e-filing with direct deposit! Plus, it's included at no additional fee.
  • And MUCH more, including state software that you can purchase for just $13.95. TaxACT offers state software and e-filing for every state that assesses state income tax.

Try TaxACT today! It's FREE for everyone! You can be on your way to getting your taxes finished and receiving your tax refund in the shortest amount of time. Start your free federal return with TaxACT today.

File your federal Taxes for FREE! No restrictions. Start NOW!

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